The Oaks Game Ranch


MLS: 2218914
Property Tax: $5,081/year
The Oaks Game Ranch, Stover, MO

The Oaks Game Ranch!

The Fitz Group at Keller Williams LAND is proud to present The Oaks Game Ranch in Stover, Missouri! This farm is located on a blacktop road just 15 minutes from Stover, and if you drive another 10 minutes from the farm, you’ll find yourself at the banks of the Lake of the Ozarks! The Current owner and management team have taken incredible care of this amazing, top tier whitetail preserve. The current state of the farm is immaculate. There are over 20 miles of trails spread over the over 1000 total acres of this ranch and nearly 7 miles of maintained high fence in like-new condition!
Of the 750 fenced acres, 95 are planted in food specifically for the deer herd. 40 are in Alfalfa, another 40 in clover and 15 in soybeans! Along with the food, there is plenty for your herd to drink, with several spring-fed ozark creeks and about 8 surface acres of watering holes/ponds! When the preserve fencing was finished, and all native deer pushed from its borders, the owner re-stocked the 750 acres with a truly world-class whitetail herd. Every deer was hand picked for its genetics and overall health for the herd. The ranch manager estimates there are 110 bucks and 130 doe that live in the preserve, in addition to the 46 bucks, 50 buck fawns and over 100 doe and doe fawns that are being meticulously raised to The Oaks standards inside a few of the 18 separate breedings pins on the property. Next to the 18 breeding pins, there are 2 additional large holding pins of 5 acres a piece.
The buildings on the property are in great shape, and each have their own purpose. One 3600 Sq.Ft. building is two thirds insulated shop and loft, with the remaining one third finished offices and kitchen. The second building is 50 X 30 and is equipped with a sectioned off chute system and squeeze chute to funnel your herd from the breeding pins, into the building, to the squeeze chute for any medical attention or other handling needs you may have, and back into the pins with ease. The third building is a 30 pin open air shelter. Each pin has its own gate and number, along with an outdoor area for the fawn or recovering deer. There are many great deer herds throughout the country, but there aren’t many herds like the one at the Oaks.
The Oaks prides themselves on having an exceptional whitetail herd, one of the top in the country, and providing folks with a truly top-tier hunting experience. The views from one of the 14 tower blinds during the fall months in the Ozark Mountains are hard to beat. Even if your goal isn’t to run a business, this property would make for an amazing recreation property with the bonus of having some of the best whitetail hunting anywhere in the world! Ride your ATV or UTV for an entire week and hardly touch the same trail twice! Shoot your guns, bows, run traps and hunt! The preserve has had daily predator control since its completion, so any bird population you introduce to the property would likely thrive! Imagine adding a healthy quail habitat to fill your day after you and your friends have tagged out for the season! The possibilities are truly endless with this many acres all to yourself.
You can’t truly appreciate the condition and beauty of this property from the aerials and photos, it’s one that you just have to see in person on a personal UTV tour with myself and the ranch manager, let your imagination run wild! 


1000 +/- Acres
Nearly 20 miles of trails
7+ Miles of Fence
90x40 Insulated Shop
50x36 Building
90x60 Fawn Facility
Hand-Picked Deer Genetics
Spring-fed creeks
Incredible Views
95 Acres of Tillable
Unbelievable Rec. Potential
World Class Bucks

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The Oaks Game Ranch
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